is Mathews® Earth.
ARXOS® CLAY - Dovetail
ARXOS® CLAY - Dovetail

ARXOS® CLAY - Dovetail

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Dialed Clay is Mathews® Earth. As soon as our team caught wind of Mathews® Earth, we knew we had to match it. This color has been meticulously crafted, blending earthy tones that resonate seamlessly with its intended environment.

The ARXOS® Series gives hunters the flexibility to look at the type of hunt they are on and adjust to fit that style. The outstanding feature that make all of this possible on the Frame-Only option is the removable VOID™ dial wheel. The VOID™ design allows for incredibly accurate movement of the AES™ platform, as well as giving the user the choice on where they want to mount their yardage tapes with the internal and external frame mounting option at the time of purchase.

The VOID™ dial wheel is nothing without its track to run along, the Angled Elevation System™. This patent pending design allows the archer to achieve further yardages before running into arrow vane clearance issues. By angling the elevation rail, we've also been able to shorten the amount of space needed on the sight tape; in turn, this requires less dial travel when you go to adjust yardages.


     Dialed Sage matches Mathews® Green Ambush
     Dialed Clay matches Mathews® Earth
     Dialed Smoke matches Mathews® Granite
     Dialed Dusk matches Hoyt® Tombstone
     Dialed Whiskey matches Hoyt® Bourbon


  • Weight: 12.5oz
  • Dovetail: 5" Dovetail Sight Bar with Bow Mount Bracket Included
  • Picatinny: Standard Picatinny Mount Bracket
  • Adjustable 2nd & 3rd Axis
  • Micro Windage Adjustments
  • Macro Horizontal & Vertical Adjustments
  • Hidden Bolt Design, Ensures Zero Confusion
  • VOID™ Dial with Texture for Grip
  • Solid 6061 Aluminum Construction
  • Cerakote Finishes Provide Solid Protection
  • ARXOS® (Dovetail) Bow Sight
  • One Mag with the Pin Variation You Choose
  • Riser Bracket and Bolts
  • Multi Indicator Attachment
  • Sight Tape Booklets
  • Dialed Archery® Sticker
  • Bulletproof Lifetime Warranty
  • First Class Customer Service


Dialed Clay is Mathews® Earth. As soon as our team caught wind of Mathews® Earth, we knew we had to match it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Christopher Dunbar
Bow : Mathews Phase 4 33
Target Species: Whitetail
Primary Use: Hunting & Target Archery
Arxos Dovetail V3 Mag

There isn’t a company out there that can come close to touching the Arxos sight, plain and simple.

Bow : mathews v3x 33
Target Species: Mule Deer
Primary Use: Hunting & Target Archery
perfect sight, better service

When I was building up a v3x with some used parts i thought id try and use the arxos and found a used sight body and a scope. i was missing some specific assembly parts and reached out to customer service. Within 12 hours they has sent me everything i needed to complete the sight. No charge. I was prepared to pay for anything i needed but they didnt even charge shipping. I was grateful for the service and will now only shoot dialed products.

Alan Quinn
Bow : PSE Mach 34 and PSE Fortis 33
Target Species: Whitetail
Primary Use: Hunting & Target Archery
Customer Service

I bought a first gen sign new in box and needed to send it in as the elevation rail was a little loose at the bottom end. I mailed it on April 11th, it got there April 17th and I got it back on April 23rd. Last time I checked there was a weekend in the middle, so super fast on the repair and getting it back to me. As for the repairs, the sight is better now than it ever was. I can't thank them enough, awesome work, super fast turn around, top notch repairs. What more can we ask for. Cheers all, Alan

Brian Chesebro Jr
Bow : Mathew’s Lift 29.5
Target Species: Whitetail
Primary Use: Hunting & Target Archery
Fun sight!

I was in the market for an adjustable sight. And wanted something that “looked cool” and this was it.

Some things that were difficult were the sight in process. Especially making sight tapes, I think I made about 80 of them so far. But constantly tinkering.
And feeling like the pins are a little light.

This is it…

I’ve had many sights and the ARXOS is my favorite. So clean and the sight picture is second to none. Bubble on top is seriously underrated. Had the pleasure of have a beer and talking shop with Scott at TN TAC last year…cant say enough about their sight. Small batch is 🔥

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