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This patent pending design allows the archer to achieve further yardages before running into arrow vane clearance issues. By angling the elevation rail, we've also been able to shorten the amount of space needed on the sight tape; in turn, this requires less dial travel when you go to adjust yardages. You may be thinking, "Won't this effect peep alignment with the MAG™?" The quick answer is, "No, the change is subtle enough that it stays aligned."

Many archers see 10-20 yards added, compared to a vertical elevation rail sight, to their max distance before having vane clearance issues.

Innovation within the archery space is important, we all love this sport too much to not see it get improved upon. We feel strongly that this feature will quickly become one of your favorites of the ARXOS® sight.


The VOID™ Dial Wheel design offers a new, patent pending, take on a proven technology.

It was important to us to make our sight unique, and one of the first conceptual brainstorm sessions we had, included an idea to put a hole through the center of the bow sight. This was initially for breaking up the outline at further distances, but it quickly shifted into one of the most important functioning elements on the ARXOS® sight.

The VOID™ design allows for incredibly accurate movement of the AES™ platform, as well as giving you the choice on where to mount the SwitchTape™ ring.


Dial brake

By depressing the Dial Brake pin, you add tension to the gears within the sight frame. This makes it much more difficult to move the VOID™ Dial Wheel, ensuring it stays on the specific yardage you'd like it to be on.

Keep in mind, the ARXOS® Series is tuned to be stiff, this allows you to always be ready and not need the Dial Brake at all.

The Dial Brake is designed to be overridden if needed. Those high tension moments while hunting move fast and don't always allow for time to unlock the sight before needing to move it. No need to worry about breaking it, it's designed to be rugged.


One of the things that is simple, but a huge benefit for you is our TOPLEVEL™ that we built into each MAG™. By getting the level up and out of the way, you're able to achieve further distances and acquire your target faster.

Your hands follow your eyes; so as you look at the bubble level, your hands will raise the bow slightly - and it's much easier to settle your hands then it is to raise them while focusing on your target.


The front end of the ARXOS® sight is a workhorse. You've got micro and macro windage adjustments, the AES™ rail and the most important part of the sight - the MAG™. But, there's times in which a different pin configuration is needed or desired and you were stuck buying an entirely new sight. Now, you can remove one bolt and SWAP your MAG™.

Whether you are switching between the MAG-1XR and MAG-3V or plan to use a .010 pin for 3D shooting and want .019 come hunting season - the MAGSWAP™ technology is the key to making this happen.



Creating a clean circle for aligning with your peep is critical to quick target acquisition. We designed a full white circle on the face of each MAG™ that incorporates the bubble level for a very clean sight picture, allowing you to focus on what matters most - the bullseye.

Simple, yet sophisticated is one of our favorite phrases. Over engineer the product, while keeping every element working for the user.

SwitchTape™ Ring

At the time of purchase, the user decides if they want their yardage tape mounted to the traditional outside facing wheel, or move it to the inside of the sight allowing for yardage checks while at full draw. The SwitchTape™ yardage ring clamps to the dial itself, giving you the ability to adjust your yardage tape location on the dial with precision.

The biggest benefit of the SwitchTape™ technology is the ability to quickly and easily swap out your yardage ring. This comes in clutch when switching between arrow setups or switching to another MAG™ that you've got a different sight tape prepped for already. Versatility is the key and this is one more step to that equation.



Controlling the amount of light that hits your fiber is critical to your sight picture. The Optic Slide™ moves in the runners on top of the MAG™, making it incredibly easy to control the amount of light hitting your fiber.

You can also pop the provided Optic Slide™ out of the runners and snap in our Optic Light™ to add LED ultraviolet light to your pin, while still utilizing the sliding features that the Optic Slide provides.



We include four multi-indicator needles in a bracket for you to mark out the different fibers on the pin post.

The laser etch line towards the top of the frame body is for your main aiming reference, then you are to use the needles for the remaining fibers in your MAG™.