When it comes to bowhunting, things happen fast and hunter's must be prepared for those moments. The MAG-3V allows for quick target acquisition, while enjoying the benefits of multiple fibers. a vertical post has become very popular over the years within the single pin sight market; often times on a sight that allows for vertical rotation, hunter's have fallen in love with the clean sight picture it presents. The MAG-3V is a supped up vertical post with three pins fixed at different positions to give you full coverage. 

You may be asking yourself "What's a 'MAG'??" 

When we created the ARXOS Series, one of the features we wanted was to be able to switch scopes easily. Once initial design was complete, the name "MAG" (similar to a magazine on a gun) was being thrown around loosely and the name stuck. We call this feature our MAGSWAP technology and plan to launch multiple MAGs to allow the archer to customize the sight to their needs. 

Back to the MAG-3V, this scope option gives you the benefits of our MAG-1XR with the STUB-XR at the base of the post for long range shooting when vane clearance becomes an issue, while also flexing a second pin halfway up the post to be utilized in hunting scenarios. For most bow setups, when the top pin is set at 20 yards - the middle pin lands around 35 yards and the bottom pin hits somewhere around 50 yards. Set your multi-indicator needles to the yardages they land on and then spin your dial for accurate shooting at any distance. 

MAG-3V Features