Spring bear hunting can put a guy in over his head very quick, Thomas Meyers is no stranger to the work involved and humid-mosquito infested days that come with hunting bear during the spring season. This highlight story was sent in from Thomas as he killed a big bear that he'd been after for a couple years and finally caught him slipping this spring. 

"A good friend and I set this bear bait in 2021 and had two big bears show up and make the bait their spring home. After two hunts, my buddy connected on one of the big boars, but we hunted the rest of the season for the other bear and had no luck with him coming in. The 2022 season had the same results, the bear made the spot his home but never committed when we were hunting. In the Spring of 2023, we had big plans of putting all of our time into this one bear. After lots of long hunts, long drives, and a bit of frustration, the old bear showed up with a sow and followed her into our bait. This was the first time in three seasons of hunting the bear that we actually got to put our eyes on him.  After one shot and a short tracking job, we finally got to put our hands on him. Bears are one of the coolest animals in the woods, and I have all the respect in the world for them. It's kinda sad that this spring season is done, but I’m already thinking about next year."

Written by Thomas Meyers, Meyers Taxidermy Studio Owner

We've always been driven by the stories sent in from those putting our products through the paces. Real world use can never be matched during testing; at Dialed, we are hunters first and appreciate staying in close contact with the community who trusts our products to create memories and put meat in the freezer. Good work Thomas and congrats on the bear!


Spring Bear Hunt with Thomas Meyers


Bow: Mathews V3X
Sight: Dialed Arxos 
Stabilizer: Shrewd Archery Raid 12 inch
Rest: QAD Ultra Rest 
Arrows: Easton Archery Axis 300s with QAD Exodus broadheads
Clothing: Array of different wools
Treestand: Novix Echo 
Transportation: Honda Fourtrax 350 (a quad that can take an absolute beating all spring is the most important part about running bear baits) 
Pack: Mystery Ranch Treehouse 
Misc: Piles of water to stay hydrated while baiting and hunting in +33°C weather