VOID™ Dial Wheel

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  • Dialed Sage matches Mathews® Green Ambush
  • Dialed Smoke matches Mathews® Granite

The VOID™ Dial Wheel design offers a new take on a proven technology.

This product is specifically built for our ARXOS® series and takes customizing your bow sight to another level. Dream big, get creative and make your rig YOURS.


EXTRA: Every VOID Dial ships with a Dialed Wrench.

The VOID™ Dial wheel design offers a new, patent pending, take on a proven technology.

It was important to us to make our sight unique, and one of the first conceptual brainstrom sessions we had, included an idea to put a hole through the center of the bow sight. This was initially for breaking up the outline at further distances, but it quickly shifted into one of the most important functioning elements on the ARXOS™ sight.

The VOID™ design allows for incredibly accurate movement of the AES™ platform, as well as giving the user the choice on where they want to mount their yardage tapes with the internal and external frame mounting option at the time of purchase.

At the time of purchase, the user decides if they want their yardage tape mounted to the traditional outside facing wheel, or move it to the inside of the sight allowing for yardage checks while at full draw. The SwitchTape™ yardage ring clamps to the dial itself, giving you the ability to adjust your yardage tape location on the dial with precision.

The biggest benefit of the SwitchTape™ technology is the ability to quickly and easily swap out your yardage ring. This comes in clutch when switching between arrow setups or switching to another MAG that you've got a different sight tape prepped for already. Versatility is the key and this is one more step to that equation.

Dialed yardage tapes are included with every bow sight.

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I like to coordinate my gear and Dialed allowed me to pick out my void wheel color! This thing is all metal and coated in their sweet sage green finish. It pops just enough against my black sight so I can see it and grab it quickly to make adjustments.


The cerakote color options are SWEET! To actually throw a dash of color on the sight was crazy and the coolest part is that I can switch between dials to match the arrows I'm rocking.