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Dialed Sage matches Mathews® Green Ambush
Dialed Smoke matches Mathews® Granite
Dialed Earth matches Hoyt® Buckskin

  • Weight: 12.5oz
  • 5" Dovetail Sight Bar with Bow Mount Bracket Included
  • Adjustable 2nd & 3rd Axis
  • Micro Windage Adjustments
  • Macro Horizontal & Vertical Adjustments
  • Hidden Bolt Design, Ensures Zero Confusion
  • VOID™ Dial with Texture for Grip
  • Solid 6061 Aluminum Construction
  • Cerakote Finishes Provide Solid Protection
  • ARXOS® (Dovetail) Bow Sight
  • One Mag with the Pin Variation You Choose
  • Riser Bracket and Bolts
  • Multi Indicator Attachment
  • Sight Tape Booklets
  • Dialed Archery® Sticker
  • Bulletproof Lifetime Warranty
  • First Class Customer Service

This patent pending design allows the archer to achieve further yardages before running into arrow vane clearance issues. By angling the elevation rail, we've also been able to shorten the amount of space needed on the sight tape; in turn, this requires less dial travel when you go to adjust yardages.

Innovation within the archery space is important, we all love this sport too much to not see it get improved upon. We feel strongly that this feature will quickly become one of your favorites of the ARXOS™ sight.

Change out your housing easier than ever with MAGSWAP™ technology. A no hassle patent pending design means changing pin configurations in seconds.

Technology within the MAG, you'll find our TOPLEVEL™. Getting the level up top allows for easier acquisition of your aiming point (viewing the shoulder crease) as well as stretching out your multiple pin setups for more comfortable pin configuration within your housing.

The STUBXR™ pin can be found at the base of our single pin post. This will assist in longer distance shooting when arrow clearance has been exhausted and you're still looking to stretch out those extra yards.

Coming 2023: 3-pin and 5-pin MAGs.

The VOID™ Dial wheel design offers a new, patent pending, take on a proven technology.

It was important to us to make our sight unique, and one of the first conceptual brainstrom sessions we had, included an idea to put a hole through the center of the bow sight. This was initially for breaking up the outline at further distances, but it quickly shifted into one of the most important functioning elements on the ARXOS™ sight.

The VOID™ design allows for incredibly accurate movement of the AES™ platform, as well as giving the user the choice on where they want to mount their yardage tapes with the internal and external frame mounting option at the time of purchase.

At the time of purchase, the user decides if they want their yardage tape mounted to the traditional outside facing wheel, or move it to the inside of the sight allowing for yardage checks while at full draw. The SwitchTape™ yardage ring clamps to the dial itself, giving you the ability to adjust your yardage tape location on the dial with precision.

The biggest benefit of the SwitchTape™ technology is the ability to quickly and easily swap out your yardage ring. This comes in clutch when switching between arrow setups or switching to another MAG that you've got a different sight tape prepped for already. Versatility is the key and this is one more step to that equation.

Dialed yardage tapes are included with every bow sight.

Whether it's stretching out on the range or having a secondary pin for use at closer distances, the STUBXR™ Extra Range Pin will make your shooting experience more enjoyable.

Once you've exhausted all movement and arrow clearance is maxed out, you can drop down to your STUBXR™ pin and confidently shoot further distances than you've ever shot before on the range.

Utilizing this pin in the hunting environment will quickly become useful for those times when the animal doesn't quite go where you expected and it's already too late to spin your dial (maybe you're already at full draw). You know from earlier checking that a shooting lane is at 45 yards and even though the main pin is set at 20 yards, your STUBXR™ pin is at 50 yards.

Now you can confidently take that shot.

One of the things that is simple, but a huge benefit for you (the hunter) is the suspended level (TOP LEVEL™) we built into our housing. By getting the level up and out of the way, you're able to achieve further distances easier with a multiple pin setup as well as find your aiming point on the animal MUCH faster and easier.

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